Compulsion of the Beard

No altering let there be in Allah's creation

(Surah Roum, Ayah 30)

Rasoolullah (sallallahu 'alahi wasallam) stated:

"Ten things are of nature, in which cutting the moustache and growing a full beard are mentioned." (Abu Dawood)

"Trim the moustache closely, and let the beard flow (grow)". (Muslim)

"Act against (contrary) to the polytheists, trim closely the moustache and grow the beard." (Muslim)

"Trim closely the moustache and grow the beard". (Muslim)

'I have no connection with one who shaves, shouts and tears his clothing e.g. in grief or affection". (Bukhari and Muslim)

"Any one who shaves has no claim to the mercy of ALLAH." (Tabraani)


Abdullah Ibn Umar used to cut that portion (which exceeds the grip of the hand) of beard. (Tirmidhi).

The teaching of Ammar Bin Yaasir, Abdullah Ibn Umar, Sayyidina Umar, Abu Hurairah and Jaabir, indicates that all of them used to keep a beard that was one fist in length or more. Jaabir had said; "We used to grow long beards and only during Hajj and Umrah did we trim them to the required length."

Abdullah Ibn Umar relates that; "He who imitates the kuffaar (non-believers) and dies in that state, will be raised up with them on the Day of Qiyamah (Judgement)."

Kisra, the King of Persia, after having read the letter sent by the Rasul (sallallahu 'alahi wasallam) of ALLAH inviting him to accept the faith of Islam, ordered his sub-ordinate Bayon (Badhun), the governor of Yemen, to send two persons to bring the Rasul (sallallahu 'alahi wasallam) of Islam before him. Bayon accordingly sent two messengers who according to the fashion of those days were clean shaven and had long moustaches. When they appeared on the scene in front of the Rasul (sallallahu 'alahi wasallam) of Allah, he very much disliked their unnatural appearances of those persons and said; "Woe to you, Woe to you. Who ordered you to adopt such appearances? They said; "Our lord Kisra". The Rasul (sallallahu 'alahi wasallam) of Allah then told them "My Rabb COMMANDED me to lengthen my beard and clip my moustache". (Tabraani)

Rasoolullah (sallallahu 'alahi wasallam) said, "There were ten such habits amongst the people of Lut ('alahis salam) which were the cause of their destruction. Amongst these habits is listed the shaving of the beard and the lengthening of the moustache." (Ibn Asaakir)

The Khulafa Rashideen

Abu Bakr Siddique had a dense beard. (Qoot al-Quloob)

Umar al Farooq had a large beard. (al-Isaabah)

Uthman Ibn Affan had a large and great beard. (Tariqh al-Waqidi)

Ali ibn Abi Talib had a broad beard, which reached the width of his shoulders. (Tariqh al-Khulafa)

The Great Imams of Islamic Jurisprudence


The Hanifies say "To shorten the beard less than a FIST LENGTH is HARAAM and on this is IJMA`A (consensus of opinion)".

Imam Muhammad rahmatullahi alay writes in his book "Kitabul Aathaar" where he relates from Imam Abu Hanifa rahmatullahi alay, who relates from Hadhrat Haytham rahmatullahi alay, who relates from Ibn Umar that he (Ibn Umar) used to hold his beard in his hand and cut off that which was longer. Imam Muhammad rahmatullahi alay says that this is what we follow and this was the decision of Imam Abu Hanifa rahmatullahi alay.


Imam Shafi rahmatullahi alay in his Kitabul Umme states, "To shave the beard is HARAAM". (Shari Minhaj dar Shara Fasl Aqueeqa).


Sheikh Ahmad Nafarawi Maliki in the commentary of Imam Abu Zayed's booklet states, "to shave the beard is without doubt haraam according to all Imams", it is also mentioned in 'Tamheed' which is a commentary of "Muatta" (Sunnan Imam Malik rahmatullahi alay) that to shave the beard is HARAAM and among males the only ones to resort to this (practice) are the hermaphrodites.


The Hanbalies in their famous Al-KhanWa Hanbali Fatawa Kitab state that "to grow the beard is essential and to shave it is HARAAM. Also in the Hanbali Madhab books "Sharahul Muntaha' and "Shari Manzoomatul Aadaab", it is stated "The most accepted view is that it is HARAAM (prohibited to shave the beard)".

The Scholars of Islam

Durre-Mukhtar states "Beard length is one fist".

The commentator of Mishkaat Hadhrat Muhaddith Abdul Haq Dehlevi rahmatullahi alay says; "to keep the beard one fist in length is Wajib (Near compulsory).

Ibn Jazm Zahari rahmatullahi alay writes, "To clip the moustache and to let the beard flow (grow) is FARD (obligatory). (Al Mahly)

The commentator of Mishkaat, Shaykh Abdul Haq Muhaddith rahmatullahi alay of Delhi says; "It is incumbent (wajib) to wear (a beard) to a fist's length and it is called approved (masnun) because it s a religious custom, it is sunnah, that is, the practice of all Prophets and is proven from the Rasul (sallallahu 'alahi wasallam) of Allah's practice" (Ashiat ul Larnaat).

Ibn Abideen said, "It is forbidden for a man to cut (i.e. trim) his beard." (Radd al Mukhtar)

"To shave off the beard is unlawful (haraam) and one who shaves his beard is legally speaking an unrighteous fellow (fasiq); hence, it is not permissible to appoint such a man as an imam. To say taraweeh behind such a Imam is makruh-e-tahrimi (near prohibition)". (Shami).

Durre-mukhtar states; "No one has called it permissible to trim it (the beard) less than fist-length as is being done by some westernised muslims and hermaphrodites"

Durre-mukhtar states; "It is forbidden (haraam) for a man to cut off another's beard"

"To shave off the beard and to trim it more than the legal length is impermissible and forbidden (haraam). One who does so is a fasiq and his evidence is rejectable, his Imamat is near prohibited" (Fatawa Rahimiyah).

"The beard in its time (ie. When it begins to grow) is the cause of handsomeness and adornment, which is completely lost upon shaving it" (Hedaya).

My advice to those brothers who have not adopted this blessed sunnah is to seriously consider what is more important to them............

The Prophet (sallallahu 'alahi wasallam) has made it clear the importance of keeping a beard. The imams of Madhab have declared that it is haraam to shave. Unfortunately our brothers are not aware of this. Just bear in mind the saying of Rasullullah (sallallahu 'alahi wasallam)..........

'I have no connection with one who shaves' (Bukhari, Muslim)

"Any one who shaves has no claim to the mercy of ALLAH." (Tabraani