1. Witr salaah is wajib. The status of wajib is very close to that of fard. To leave out a wajib is a major sin. If a wajib is missed out, one should make qada of it as soon as possible.

2. Witr salaah comprises of three rakaats. After offering two rakaats, one should sit down and read the at-tahiyyaat. The durood should not be read. Instead, one should immediately stand up after the at-tahiyyaat. One should then read the Surah Faatihah and another Surah. Thereafter, one should say Allahu Akbar and raise one’s hands upto one’s ears (and upto the shoulders if it is a woman). The hands should be clasped again, and thereafter, the dua-e-qunoot should be recited. Thereafer, he should go into ruku, complete the third rakaat, sit down for at-tahiyyaat, durood, and a dua and then make the salaam.

3. The dua-e-qunoot is as follows:


4. After the Surah Faatihah, another Surah should also be recited in all the three rakaats of witr salaah as has been mentioned above.

5. If a person forgets to recite dua-e-qunoot in the third rakaat, and remembers it when he goes into ruku, he should not recite it now. Instead, he should make sajdah-e-sahw at the end of his salaah. If a person reads the dua-e-qunoot after standing up from ruku, even then his salaah will be valid, but it is preferable not to do so. In any case, it will still be wajib on him to make sajdah-e-sahw.

6. If a person forgetfully reads dua-e-qunoot in the first or second rakaat, this is not considered. He will still have to recite it in the third rakaat and also make sajdah-e-sahw.

7. If a person does not know the dua-e-qunoot, he should recite the following dua:


or the following dua three times:


or the following dua three times:


If he recites any of the above duas, his salaah will be valid.