1. This salaah is sunnah for the one who enters the musjid.

2. The purpose of this salaah is to show respect to the musjid which in reality is respect to Allah Ta'ala. This is because showing respect to a place only comes after taking the owner of that place into consideration. So in doing this, showing respect to anyone or anything other than Allah Ta'ala is not intended. After entering the musjid and before sitting down, two rakaats should be offered. This is on condition that it is not at any makruh time.

3. If it is at a makruh time, the following dua should be read four times:


Thereafter, durood should be recited.

The intention for this salaah is as follows:


Translation: "I intend offering two rakaats of tahiyyatul musjid."

4. It is not necessary to offer two rakaats. There is no harm in offering four rakaats as well. If a person offers a fard or sunnah salaah immediately after entering the musjid, then that fard or sunnah salaah will take the place of tahiyyatul musjid. That is, he will receive the reward of tahiyyatul musjid even if he did not make the intention for tahiyyatul musjid.

5. A person enters the musjid and sits down. Thereafter he offers tahiyyatul musjid, there is no harm in this. However, it is preferable to offer this salaah before sitting down. Hadith: Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said: "When anyone of you enters the musjid he should not sit down until he offers two rakaats salaah."

6. If a person happens to enter the musjid several times, it will be sufficient for him to offer tahiyyatul musjid once only. He could either offer it at the beginning or at the end.