The Role of a Muslim

Millions of people around the world are sincerely searching for the truth but have no true guidance. Why? Muslims are not calling to Islam (Dawah). Unfortunately, Dawah is no longer the centre of Muslim's lifestyle. Today Muslims are so absorbed in their own lives that they have become totally indifferent to inviting people to Islam.

Dawah is to invite mankind to worship Allah alone, and keep away all sorts of disbelief and evil.

Our sincere aim and focus should be to deliver Dawah with wisdom and good manners. We should not be concerned with the results of our efforts, for that is in Allah's hands.

Also, inviting people to Islam should be deeply and strongly rooted in compassion. The motive behind it has to be love for people and concern that they follow the truth and be saved from the evil consequences of disobeying Allah. This was beautifully summarised by the companion Rib'ee Aamer RA when the king of Persia asked him why the Muslims came to Persia. Rib'ee told the king, " Allah has sent us with His message to mankind so that we release whomever desires, from the worship of people, to the worship of the lord of the people, from the injustice of man made religion to the justice of Islam, and from the strangling of this world, to the disburden and grace of the hereafter."

The Muslim nation is expected to reach great heights, to be an example to mankind enjoining right and forbidding wrong. Allah says,

"You are the best nation ever raised up for mankind, enjoining what is right, forbidding what is wrong and believing in Allah." 3:110

Muslims must provide leadership in faith and project strong virtues. It should motivate people to do good until prevails. To do so, we should set the best example in justice, equality, adopting a system of consultation, and the protection of people's rights. It is narrated that when saad ibn abi waqqas RA conquered hems, a city in northern Syria, he collected the taxes from the people who were Christians, for living under Muslim protection. Then he was ordered to leave and go to another city. Before he left, he returned the taxes back to the Christians saying, " We collected this money in return for your protection. But now we are leaving and we cannot protect you anymore, so we are returning it." amazed at this honesty and justice, many said, "no one has ever treated us like this neither the Romans nor the Persians." many converted to Islam as a result.

Calling people to Allah is one of the noblest acts and one that results in great reward,

" And who is better in speech than he who invites people to Allah and does righteous deeds, and says, ' I am one of the Muslims'" 41:33

The prophet said

" Whoever guides to a good deed will get a reward similar to the one who performs it." (Muslim)

The Muslim's role in the spreading of the message of Islam is an important characteristic. Therefore, Allah warns us that if this Ummah turns away from this job, He will replace it with another people who would do better in establishing Allah's rule and calling to His message,

" And if you turn away, He will exchange you for another people and they will not be the likes of you." 47:38

Many scholars point out that the absence of dawah (inviting to Islam) is one of the main reasons that the Ummah has the present day situation of weakness and inability.

Every Muslim, man or woman is obliged to call to Islam according to his/her capacity. Conducting dawah is essential for maintaining one's faith and keeping away from disbelief. 

Allah says,

" ...and invite to your lord and be not of al Mushrikeen (those who give partners to Allah)." 28:87

Furthermore, dawah is the way of the true followers of the Prophet.

Allah says,

"Say (O Muhammad) 'This is my way, I do invite unto Allah, on clear evidence as the seeing with one's eyes, I and whosoever follows me, Glory be to Allah! And never will I be of the al Mushrikeen,' " 12:108

Unlike previous Prophets, no Prophet will be sent for dawah after the Prophet Muhammad, SAW. Allah has entrusted the Muslim Ummah, with the heavy responsibility of calling mankind to Allah's last Message. Therefore, we all, collectively and individually, should exert every possible effort in Dawah.